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Demonstrations with Narration

Let the JDraper Glass team entertain you with hot glass demonstrations in a warm & inspiring atmosphere. JDraper Glass offers live, narrated glassblowing demonstrations every month. Let the girls of JDraper Glass take you on a journey sharing their passion about this hot molten medium as they skillfully pull molten blobs of glowing glass from a furnace of 2150°F and shape it into vases, bowls, or sculptures. Watching this ancient medium, you will gain an appreciation for glassblowing. The glassblowing technique was discovered by the Romans around 50 B.C. and many of the techniques and tools used by glass-makers today have been used for thousands of years.

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Girl’s Night Out Events at JDraper Glass

Girls Night Out

Make Your Own - Bring your girlfriends to the hot shop for a memorable and fascinating  experience! This night begins with a solid glass sculpture providing ideas, such as twisting, pinching and cutting the glass. Get your creative juices flowing and join the JDraper Glass girls by making your own! Before the outing the group will choose between a paperweight, sun catcher or mushroom to make. With guided instruction from the glass blowers, everyone gets individual time to make their own with colors of their choice.

Enjoy the View - Be entertained by the JDraper glass team in the hot shop with hot glass demonstrations as show you the solid and blown side of glass. We narrate the demonstration and encourage questions and discussion. Choose a “take away gift” from the studio, a solid sculpted glass flower.

Family & Group Outings

The family outing begins with a blown glass demonstration showcasing a signature vase. The next demonstration is a solid paperweight providing ideas for your own to include cutting, twisting and pinching the glass. With guided instruction each family member chooses their own colors for a hands on experience making their own paperweight of color & style.

Team Building Workshops

This day is designed to create an understanding of the American studio movement of hot glass.  This understanding will be used in exercises configured to build trust and better communication amongst co-workers, which will result in a healthier work environment.

Over the course of the afternoon, your team will work together in the glass studio to complete a project. This experience will build foundation of trust, while co-workers have the opportunity to socialize in an inspiring and unique environment. With guided instruction, Jeremie and her team will help to instill an appreciation for the value of teamwork as well as listening and communication skills. The final sculpture can be displayed in your work area serving as a reminder of this unique team building experience.

We have a variety of breakout rooms for presentations, gift exchanges and dinners. We offer complete catering from snacks and desserts to complete meals. Enjoy a demonstration or a hands on experience for your group. All of our gifts are presented in a gift bag with a card that comes with a custom message. We ship too!

School Field Trips and Charter Group Demonstrations

Join us in the hot shop for demonstrations as we provide an educational experience for you and your students. This field trip is designed to create an understanding of the American studio movement of hot glass and expand your understanding of how soft the glass is when it’s blown and sculpted. Intrigued by your demonstration? We offer a follow up hands on project.

Date Nights

Date Night at JDraper Glass

Experience a very special date this year at JDraper Glass.

Let the team of JDraper Glass mesmerize you with hot glass demonstrations for a greater understanding of the art of fire with hand blown glass.

Play together & understand how soft the glass is to make your creations. Each experience offers unique techniques to create your masterpiece. Learn how to roll into frit (crushed colored glass), pick up chards, twist, tool, press and cut the soft glass.  Watch the bubbles expand with your own breath as you help each other shape & blow the glass. With great guidance, have a hands-on experience with hot glass to treasure for years.


3 Offerings Prices are per couple

Make it Together $180.00.

Make a Paperweight and Sun Catcher together.  

 Half and Half $235.00.

Make Paperweight and Party Globe (grapefruit size). together. This date provides both styles of glassmaking in the studio; solid and blown.  

 Blow Baby Blow $275.00.

Make two blown stemless wine, whiskey or beverage of choice glasses! The date is completed by the instructor making a matching wine saver with the colors of your glasses.

Plan your party with us!

Whatever the occasion you are planning for let us provide you with an awesome experience. Let us customize a package to meet your individual needs. We providing catering for groups larger than 8 people. Contact us at info@jdraperglass.com or call 309-339-6244 to discuss your idea.

Questions or concerns?

Please feel free to contact us any time through our contact form to address any questions or concerns you may have.

Prior to starting any classes, the Terms & Conditions and Waiver & Release forms will need to be completed and signed.